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How To Fix Pages Not Indexed in Google Search Console

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When pages are not indexed by Google, it can be a frustrating situation for website owners. It may seem that everything is fine with your site, but there could also be a problem with Google Systems.

For example, crawled currently not indexed or discovered Currently not indexed status URLs. These URLs indicate that the issue lies with Google Systems and not your website.

In the Google Index Coverage Section, Google has separated out issues that are specific to your website. If you have any issues with Google Systems or your website, please let us know.

Fix Pages Not Indexed Status URL in Google Search Console.

There can be many reasons for Pages Not Indexed by Google. The report under the index coverage section will help you better understand. You should first identify the reason why your pages do not appear in Google searches.

Step 1:

Log in to your Google Search Console

Step 2:

Click the Index Coverage Report in the left side menu

Step 3:

You will now see Indexed and Not Indexed Sections (previously, it was Errors valid with a warning, Excluded Section, Indexed).

The pages that are not indexed cannot be served by Google.

Step 5:

The list of pages that are not indexed by Google Search will be displayed along with the reason, source, Validation and trend, and the pages.

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Determine the reason for the page not indexing.

Step 1:

Select the Page Not Indexed section in the Search Console Index Coverage Report.

Step 2:

Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see a list under Why Pages Are not Indexed.

Step 3:

Some Main Reasons Why Pages Are Not Indexed Would Be – Discovered Currently Not Indexed Or Crawled Currently not indexed and If you see these two errors there is nothing that you can do. This is because Google System, which means – Google is not indexing and is out of your hands.

Step 4:

Determine the reason why this page is not being indexed, such as pages with redirects, pages excluded by no-indexed tags, Not Found 404, Soft404 and other reasons.

Step 5:

If the source is a website action here, then you will need to fix your website.

Google Search Console Indexing Issues

You can fix issues with Google Search pages that are not indexed or show a not indexed page if you provide the correct solution and the correct URL.

Exclusion from Indexing with No-Index Tag

Meta tag noindex is present on the page. To fix this, remove noindex from your page.

Note If you intentionally kept a noindex tag on your page, you can ignore this error.

Page with redirect- Source Website

The URL of a page will have a redirect, which is a 301 redirect. This is a permanent redirection to another URL. Pages or URLs that redirect to another URL will not be indexed. If A redirects to B, then A page won’t be indexed. B URL will be indexed. A may be dropped from Google Search if it is indexed.

Reason 404 – Source Website

Redirect 404 page with 301 redirect to relevant pages to fix the issue of not being indexed pages due to 404.

Note: In general, pages with a large number of 404 pages won’t affect your website ranking.

Soft 404 – Source website

Google will not index pages with thin content. Instead, it expects you to update the page or provide more information. Soft 404 will be displayed on pages with little content. Soft 404 issues can be resolved by updating the content on the page and adding more information.

Alternative page with proper Canonical Tag – Source website

The alternative page with the proper canonical tag simply means that you have an alternate version of your page. There are 2 canonical tags, and Google will index the new version.

Crawled Currently Not Index – Source Google System

When the Google System tells you that the reason for the page not being indexed is because it is currently not indexed, and the source of the information is Google System then nothing is wrong with your site.

Discovered not currently indexes – Source Google System

This is a problem with Google Systems. Discovered currently not indexed (not an error) means Google found your website but did not crawl for indexing it yet. Google Systems and Algorithms play a part depending on the quality and content of the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Google take to index a web page?

Google indexing can take a while, but usually it takes between a couple of days and a week for a new page to be indexed. Google indexing guidelines are important.

How can I force Google index my web pages?

You can ask Google to index pages through Google Search Console. Google will decide if the page is indexed based on quality and relevance.

Is there a tool to assist with indexing?

There are many SEO tools that can identify and fix indexing problems. Screaming Frog, SEMrush and Ahrefs are some of the most popular options.

Can I submit my sitemap again to speed up indexing?

You can submit your sitemap again in Google Search Console. This will prompt Google to crawl and index your web pages. This is especially useful if you have made major changes to your site.

What should I do after following the steps if my pages still aren’t indexed?

Consider seeking the help of an SEO expert if you have addressed all common issues but some pages still aren’t indexed. It may be that there are more complex issues at hand, which require specialized knowledge.

Can I prevent my pages from being indexed by Google?

You can either use a “noindex meta tag” or password protect specific pages you do not want indexed.

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